Memory Tricks

by Kamlesh Sahu

It was written that people are using only 10-18 % of their brain. What you will be when you will use your about 100%. we are providing some tricks and techniques. Just read these and you will be able to remember for a long time.

1) We are forgetting 80% part of the text within 24 hour.

so read the same text after 24 hour and then within 7 days and than in 3 months and you will be able to remember for a Life long.

2) Anything you wish to remember, try to associate it with the natural world and daily life. or anything which you already know.

3) For scientific words, know the meaning of the word from they originated.

you can not longer to know the names and classification of Carbohydrate if you don't know mono=one, poly=many, saccharon (g)=sugar and so on

4) Remember Main Points of the text.

5) Keep your Brain free and Clean.

6) Some main points can be more easier to remember than big and detailed notes.

7) Think positive and try till you not achieve your goal.

8) Do not read same subject for a long time. Change the subject on a period and this subject should be different from the previous subject.

9) Flow Charts and Diagrams are easier to remember than any text.

10) Colorful Diagrams are more easier than B/W Diagrams.

11) Suppose any data or any important points are very difficult to remember, try to keep it in front of your eyes most times. you can make a chit and paste it the wall of your room or keep it on the desktop.

12) Always Think Positive.

13) Change your Daily Routine, Because our Brain love changes instead of boring same routine.

14) 6-8 hours are enough to sleep in 24 hours for normal people.

15) Take every negative as a lesson.

16) Make reading as hobby.

17) Concentrate your mind by yoga and other methods. These can  improve your Brain power.

18) Remember you are more Important than any exam in the world.

In The Class

1.      Be regular and mentally present in the class.

2.      Write notes topic wise so that you can understand topics effectively and revision can be easier.

3.      Try to make diagrams clean understandable and well labeled.

4.      A well labeled diagram says every thing and need not to read or write more.

5.      Do practice many times.

6.      Read the topic before a day which is going to teach today in the class.

Memory Tricks

  1. One & Three letter names of Amino acids

  2. Essential Amino acids

  3. The Structure of Amino acids

  4. Classification of Amino acids

  5. Bacterial Growth requirements

  6. Genetic Code

  7. Mendel's Law

  8. A=T C≡G

  9. 5' and 3'

  10. Classification of Enzymes

  11. Macronutrients for Plants

  12. Anabolism and Catabolism

  13. Enthalpy and Entropy

  14. Intra and Inter

  15. Hypo and Hyper

more will soon


The Tricks are funny but very strong, in some Tricks you will laugh on it. whenever you will laugh on it, The Trick will work more effectively.


By these Tricks you not need to give any type of stress in your mind.


Memory Tricks for more topics will be soon.