Classification of Enzymes

Kamlesh Sahu

For all Tricks, It is necessary that you actually see these pictures in your mind.

You will be wonderstruck to know that you need not to read it again because now you know it and you will remember it forever.

Enzymes are classified into six major groups on the basis of the type of the reaction they catalyze.

These are

  1. Oxidoreductases

  2. Transferases

  3. Hydrolases

  4. Lyases

  5. Isomerases

  6. Ligases (synthases)

Key - Just Imagine that there is an electron ē, which get transferred to the molecule of water(H2O). This molecule get break and form its Isomer. After some time it again synthesized into Water(H2O).


Collect information from bold words

electron ē          Oxidoreductases    (Transfer of electrons)

transferred                    Transferases    (Transfer of functional group)

water(H2O)                   Hydrolases    (Hydrolysis reaction)

break                             Lyases    (Cleavage of C-C, C-O, C-N and other bonds)

Isomer                           Isomerases    (Transfer of Groups within a molecule)

synthesized                    Ligases (synthases)    (ligase)