Metabolism = Anabolism + Catabolism

Kamlesh Sahu

For all Tricks, It is necessary that you actually see these pictures in your mind.

You will be wonderstruck to know that you need not to read it again because now you know it and you will remember it forever.

Metabolism is the sum of the biochemical reactions that take place within a living organism.


Anabolism is the formation or Bio-synthesis of complex things.


Catabolism is the Degradation / breakDown of complex things.


Most of time we are getting confusion in it. This trick will help you to to remember it for longer time.

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        Anabolism = Biosynthesis            Catabolism = Degradation



Anabolism is a synthesis process in which a complex thing form from two or more different things.

in below picture two small things are jointed and made a complex big molecule.


Catabolism is breakDown of any complex molecules.

in below picture a molecule hit C and breakdown into two parts