Biology 12th (NCERT)


                Physiology of Plants

Chapter 1 Plant-Water Relations

Chapter 2 Plant Nutrition

Chapter 3 Photosynthesis

Chapter 4 Respiration

                Physiology of Animals

Chapter 5 Animal Nutrition

Chapter 6 Respiration in Animals

Chapter 7 Circulation in Animals

Chapter 8 Osmoregulation and Excretion in Animals

Chapter Movement and Locomotion in Animals

Chapter 10 Nervous Coordination and Integration in Animals

Chapter 11 Chemical Coordination in Animals

                Reproduction, Growth and Development

Chapter 12 Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Chapter 13 Plant Growth and Movement

Chapter 14 Reproduction and Development in Animals

Chapter 15 Growth, Regeneration and Aging

                Ecology and Environment

Chapter 16 Organism and the Environment

Chapter 17 Population, Biotic Community and Succession

Chapter 18 Ecosystem : Structure and Function

Chapter 19 Natural Resources and their Conservation

Chapter 20 Biodiversity

Chapter 21 Pollution and Global Environmental Change

                Biology in Human Welfare

Chapter 22 Human Population and Health

Chapter 23 Genetic Improvement and Disease Control

Chapter 24 Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology

Chapter 25 Immune System and Human Health

Chapter 26 Biomedical Technologies


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