Kbiotech Quiz (April)

Rules and regulations


Which region of the gene is present in the 5' end

(A) Promoter Sequence

(B) Cap Site

(C) Start Codon

(D) Regulator Sequence


Which one is coded by intronic sequence

(A) Eco R1

(B) Ribosomes

(C) t-RNA

(D) homing endonuclease


Name the smallest hormone known until now

(A) Insulin

(B) Auxin

(C) Ethylene

(D) Abscisic Acid


Inteins are

(A) Restriction Endonuclease

(B) Protein splicing Proteins

(C) mRNA splicing Proteins

(D) have an endonuclease domain in it


Which one is not a type of Chromosome Banding Pattern

(A) G-Banding

(B) P-Banding

(C) Q-Banding

(D) R-Banding


The pH at which aspartic acid (an amino acid) is in non-ionised form called

(A) isoionic point

(B) isoelectric point

(C) both of the above

(D) none of the above


Which one Molecular Marker is not based on PCR






Which one Chromosome is biggest in all Chromosomes in Human

(A) X Chromosome

(B) Chromosome 1

(C) Chromosome 22

(D) Chromosome 2


"Institute of Life Sciences" is situated in

(A) New Delhi

(B) Hyderabad

(C) Bangalore

(D) Bhubaneswar


The Genetic material of HIV is



(C) Both

(D) DNA, RNA and Protein


3 question is suggested by B. K. Vijay Jayraman and 1 question is suggested by Shafkat Ali Khan.





1. (A) Promoter Sequence

        No gene is working without Promoter. It is very essential structural part of the gene which interact with RNA Polymerase


2. (D) homing endonuclease

        Homing Endonuclease is intronic sequence


3. (C) Ethylene

        Ethylene is gas. Its formula is CH2=CH2 and this is the smallest known molecule that can act as Hormone in plants.


4. (B) Protein splicing Proteins

        Inteins are Protein splicing Proteins which is translated with host protein. This precursor protein undergoes an autocatalytic protein splicing reaction resulting in two products: the host protein and the intein.


5. (B) P-Banding

        G-Banding use "Giemsa" to get bands in chromosome, Q-Banding use "Quinicrine mustard dihydrochloride" and The reverse of G-Bands is obtained in R-Banding but there is no P-Banding.


6. (D) none of the above

        There is no pH at which any amino acid is in non-ionised form


7. (B) RFLP

        in RFLP polymorphism of DNA is obtained by various fragment of DNA which is generated by Restriction Endonuclease and no PCR is used.


8. (B) Chromosome 1

        Chromosome names are given according to their length or size so Chromosome 1 is biggest and Chromosome 21 is smallest (which is wrongly placed) it should be in the position of 22. Remember Chromosome 21 is smaller then Chromosome 22.


9. (D) Bhubaneswar

        "Institute of Life Sciences" is situated in Bhubaneswar.


10. (B) RNA

        HIV is Retrovirus and its genome is RNA





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