Kbiotech Quiz (June)

Rules and regulations


Greek word “eugenes” means

(A) Eukaryotic Genes

(B) Well Born

(C) True Genes

(D) Good Genes


KDEL (Lys-Asp-Glu-Leu) signal sequences involved in protein transport from

(A) Golgi to ER

(B) ER to glogi

(C) Golgi to plasma membrane

(D) Cytoplasm to mitochondria


In A-DNA Base pair per turn is

(A) 12

(B) 11

(C) 10

(D) 9.33


The Number of chromosome in Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla) is

(A) 44 (less then human)

(B) 46 (equal to the human)

(C) 48 (more then human)

(D) Not known


The Type of interaction in which both species are in benefit

(A) Neutralism

(B) Amensalism

(C) Commensalisms

(D) Mutualism


Restriction Endonuclease “SmaI” and “XmaI” are

(A) Isolated from same organism

(B) Isoschizomers

(C) Neoschizomers

(D) Cleave at same sequence


Which one is the highest capacity artificial chromosome cloning vector

(A) YAC (Yeast Artificial Chromosome)

(B) PAC (P1 Artificial Chromosome)

(C) BAC (Bacterial Artificial Chromosome)

(D) MACs (Mammalian Artificial Chromosome)


Fastest method of DNA sequencing is

(A) Sangers method

(B) Maxam and Gilbert method

(C) Automated DNA sequencing

(D) Pyrosequencing


The efficiency of Translation initiation is not dependent on

(A) 5’cap

(B) Secondary structure around initiation codon

(C) Distance of initiation codon from the 5’ end

(D) Length of mRNA


Dr. Lalji Singh is well known for

(A) DNA finger printing

(B) Green Revolution

(C) Gene Therapy

(D) His work in Ecology

3 questions are suggested by Mr. Sahil Ahmed







1. (B) Well Born



2. (A) Golgi to ER

        KDEL Sequence is present in carboxy terminal use to retrieve material from Golgi to ER.


3. (B) 11

        10.7 Base pair per turn is in A-DNA.


4. (C) 48 (more then human)

        Number of Chromosome is not related with evolution


5. (D) Mutualism



6. (C) Neoschizomers



7. (A) YAC (Yeast Artificial Chromosome)



8. (D) Pyrosequencing

        Pyrosequencing is the fastest DNA Sequencing method which does not require electrophoresis or any fragment separation method. Any method can be Automated, there is no separate method like Automated DNA Sequencing.


9. (D) Length of mRNA



10. (A) DNA finger printing





Lucky Winner - Chitra loganathan

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                        Bharathiar University

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