Rules and Regulations for Monthly Kbiotech Quiz

Rules and regulations


  1. The question will be objective type.

  2. 10 objective question will be asked every month.

  3. This will be in the web in the first week of every month.

  4. You must send your answer via email, on or before 30th of every month.

  5. From one email only one answer should be send. If you send more then one answer from one email, system will take first answer only. But you can send another answer from your second email ID.

  6. Mail your answer to

  7. For All 10 question, answer should be written in a line. eg. If the answer of first question is A, for second question B, for third question if it is C and so, then in answer write just correct option of each question.

  8. Write answer like - A,B,C,X,X, -X,X,X,X,X

  9. Answer will be displayed with description in the first week of the next month.




  1. Lucky winner will win Kbiotech Educational CDs and DVDs worth Rs. 500/-

  2. The Name, Photo and Brief Introduction of the lucky winner will be displayed.

  3. Name and email ID will be in the web of the participants who will send all correct answers.


Note: you can also suggest or send your objective type question to us. we can select question from them also, if any question is selected from your suggested question then your name will be with the question.


Disclaimer - The final decision will be taken by the Kbiotech group and there will not be any further claims.


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