Biology Notes

Essential Biology classification, diversity in biology,


Essential Botany

            Plants and their structure1, structure2, flowering plant reproduction: flower structure,

            fertilization and fruits

            plant hormones and nutrition,

            diversity in seed plants,

            diversity in nonvascular plants and non-seed vascular plants  

Essential Zoology

            Animal cells and tissues, animal organ systems and homeostasis, integumentary system, circulatory system,

            lymphatic system and immunity, digestive system, nervous system,

            endocrine system, reproductive system, muscular and skeletal systems, respiratory system,

            excretory system, diversity in animals1, diversity animals2, diversity animals2,

Evolutionary Biology

            Development of evolutionary theory

            The modern view of evolution

            origins of viruses

            human evolution

            prebiotic evolution and the pre-cambrian fossil record

Essential Paleobiology

            fossils and time,

            the precambrian: life's genesis and spread,

            the early paleozoic,

            the late paleozoic,

            the mesozoic, age of cycads and dinosaurs,

Essential Ecology

            population ecology

            community and ecosystem dynamics

            the biosphere and mass extinctions

Physiology - table of common vertebrate hormones, steroid hormones and receptors, peptide hormones and receptors,

            biochemistry of nerve transmission, blood coagulation, muscle biochemistry, molecular tools of medicine,

            growth factors and cytokines, signaling by wnts and the tgf-b/bmp families