Biophysics Presentations


            Microscopy, Fluorescence




            Electrophoresis / SDS-PAGE, Electrophoresis / IEF & Protein Detecion


            Spectroscopy principles, Theory and principles of near infrared spectroscopy,

            NMR1, NMR2, Bio Molecular NMR Spectroscopy, How NMR is used to study Biomolecules

            NMR in Medicine and Biology, Pulse Fourier Transform, Lecture 3, LNMR Trerminology, NMR Scaler and Dipolar Coupling, The Pulse FT NMR experiment, Product Operator


Structural Biology

            Introduction to Structural Biology, Structural Biology, Structural Biology Q&A

            Introduction to Macromolecular X-ray Crystellography Intro. Macromolecular X-ray Crystellography 2

            Electron cryomicroscopy

            3D Str of Human Platlet through EM and Crystellography

            Str of Bacterial flagellar hook

            Atomic model of Cryo-EM

            Tools of the Trade, The Mobility Parameter

            Computational Structural Biochemistry

            Computational Structural Biology

            Modeling protein Backbone Conformational Change