Biophysics Practicals


  1. Light Microscopy

  2. Use of Light Microscope

  3. The Light Microscope

  4. Immunolabeling for light microscopy

  5. Specimen Preparation for Electron Microscopy

  6. EM visualization techniques  specimen prepration for TEM.

  7. EPON resin mixture for transmission electron microscopy

  8. Fixation and Embedding of Microtubules for Electron Microscopy

  9. High resolution negative staining

  10. Preparation Of Ciliated Protozoa For Scanning Electron Microscopy

  11. Preparation of Yease Cell for ImmunoEletron Microscopy

  12. Sample Fixation for Electron Microscopy

  13. Specimen Preparation for Scanning Electron Microscopy

  14. TEM Specimen Preparation

  15. The Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

  16. Use of Transmission Electron Microscopy

  17. Immunfluoresence on Chamber Slides

  18. Immunofluorescencc Microscopy of tissue culture cells

  19. Mounting medium for immunofluorescence microscopy

  20. Photomicrography

  1. Centrifugation  Tips

  2. Centrifugation Basis

  3. Centrifuge Tube Chemical Resistance

  4. Nomograph for RCF Determination

  1. Spectrophotometry

  1. Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

  2. A Simple Gel Electrophoretic Method for Analyzing the Muropeptide Composition of Bacterial Peptidogl

  3. Yeast Protein Preparation for SDS PAGE and Western

Preparing the agarose gel, loading an agarose gel, assembling the gel apparatus, preparing the acrylamide gel, preparing the agarose gel, setting up the buffer tank and wick, applying the gel and preparing the membrane,  setting up the transfer apparatus, Southern analysis


  1. Analysis of Oligosaccharide Ligands by High Performance Liquid Affinity Chromatography