Fundamental Biotechnology

Biotechnology can be divided into two according to time and technique

  1. Traditional Biotechnology / Old Biotechnology - The use of Yeast and Bacteria to make bread, beer, wine and cheese are techniques that have been used for centuries. Drugs, cosmetics and other health products from the animal and plant extracts and animal breeding which is more recent origin is also traditional biotechnology.
  2. Modern Biotechnology / New Biotechnology - The term "Biotechnology" is first used in 1919 by Karl ereky (a Hungarian agricultural engineer). Modern biotechnology uses new technology which provides more understanding and control over living processes. These new approaches uses new techniques like DNA fingerprinting, DNA sequencing, Cloning and giving Novel Products, Biosensors, "Gene chips", Genetically Engineered / modified Crops and Animals and solve the complex biological problems.

Biotechnology can be divided in      according to the field

  1. Animal Biotechnology - Biotechnology to alter Animal Characters
  2. Plant Biotechnology - Biotechnology to alter Plant Characters
  3. Medical Biotechnology - Biotechnology in protection of Human Health
  4. Industrial Biotechnology - Biotechnology in the Industry
  5. Environmental Biotechnology - Biotechnology to solve Environmental Problems