Genetics Notes

Introduction to genetics, Introduction, History of genetics

Classical Genetics

          An historical overview of Mendel's work, Basic Mendelian genetics, Introduction

          Mendelian Genetics2, 3, Principle of Mendelian inheritance, Dominance, Monohybrid cross

          Dihybrid cross, Incomplete dominance, Three-factor Crosses, Tetrad Analysis

Genome organization

          Chromosomes, Chromosome aberrations, chromosome structure and function

          RecombinationMutations, Chromosomes and Sex Linkage, DNA damage and repair

          Recombination and Genetic Maps, Gene structure and regulation of gene expression

          Genome organization (in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes), Phage Genetics, bacterial genetics

          Transposition, Transduction, Plasmids, Recombinant DNA

          Probability and Pedigrees,

Genetics at Molecular level

           Physical Structure of the Gene, Gene structure, Gene Structure and DNA Analysis,

           DNA and molecular genetics, The Complementation Test and Gene Function, Mutations and Suppressors

           DNA replication, Protein synthesis, Extranuclear, Genetic material

           Prokaryotic gene expression, Eukaryotic gene expression, Expression analysis

           Post-transcriptional regulation, Transposons,


          linkage, linkage and genetic mapping, Sex linkage, chromosome theory of inheritance

          Sex determination, extracromosomal inheritance (episomes, mitochondria and

          chloroplasts), sex-linked inheritance and genetic disorders; somatic cell genetics

Population genetics

          Genes in population, Genetic Diversity, Species and speciation, Quantitative genetics

          Hardy-Weinberg, Heterozygosity, HE or D, Wahlund effect, isolate breaking, PHSC

          Genetic distances: Cavalli-Sforza chord, Nei's, Ne, effective population size, microsatellites as a genetic marker

          example of a population genetic study, Conservation genetics

Human genetics

Molecular Techniques in genetics

          Sequencing & PCR, Molecular markers, Chromosome mapping, Cloning

          Recombinant DNA technique, Gene transfer, Genetic engineering

Glossary of Genetic Terms