Genetics Practicals


  1. In Situ Hybridization

  2. In situ Hybridization Protocols

  3. Handbook of Immunochemical Staining Methods: In Situ Hybridization

  4. In situ Hybridisation to RNA in Tissue Sections

  5. Chromosome Preparation and Fluorescence in-situ Hybridization (FISH)

  6. Chromosome Preparation for in situ Hybridization (ISH)

  7. DNA Fiber Spreading for in situ Hybridization

  8. 96-Well RNA In Situ Hybridization

  9. FISH on Human Chromosomes and Interfase Nuclei

  10. In situ cytogenetics (alpha-satellite probe)

  11. Silver Staining for Nucleolar Organizer Regions

  12. DNA in situ hybridization with streptavidin-Nanogold and silver acetate autometallography


  1. Autoradiography