Practical Microbiology

Basic Techniques
  1. How to streak a plate

  2. streak plate examples

  3. How to spread a plate

  4. spreading examples

  5. Replica Printing

Bacterial Culture

  1. Bacteria Growth and Culture Bacteria Growth and Culture

  2. Bacteria Storage

  3. Bacterial cell maintenance

  4. Basic methods of Bacteriology

  5. Growing Overnight Cultures

  6. Preparing Overnight Bacteria Culture

  7. Long Term Storage of Bacterial Strains


  1. Isolation of actinomycetes from Soil

  2. Streaking Bacteria for Single Colonies

  3. Streaking Bacterial Stocks

Culture Media & Plating

  1. Agar Plates for Selection of Clones in Bacteria

  2. Bacterial Media Solutions and Stocks

  3. M9 Minimal Media prepration

  4. Plating in Top Agar

  5. Pouring Plates

  6. Preparation of Agar plates

  7. Preparation of Broth and Plates

  8. Solid media for microbiology

  9. Antibiotic Concentration in Media

  10. Stock solution preparation of Antibiotics

  11. plasmid antibiotic resistance


  1. Lyophilizing Cells