Molecular Biology Notes

Nucleic Acids Nucleic Acids Classification, Nucleic Acids Structures,

            DNA, DNA as genetic material, Structure of DNA, Organization Of DNA, Supercoiling, DNA Code,

            DNA Manipulation, DNA Applications, DNA Chronicle, DNA Timeline, Plasmid DNA, Plasmids,

            RNA, RNA Synthesis, Structural Classification of RNA,

            Central Dogma & Genetic Code

            Genetic Nomenclature, exploring genes

Replication ( DNA DNA)

Replication, Prokaryotic DNA Replication, DNA Supercoiling, Topoisomerases

E.coli DNA Polymerase I - Klenow Fragment, DNA Polymerases IV and V, HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase, Rat DNA Polymerase Beta,

DNA Pol III Beta-Subunit & PCNA, Bacteriophage T7 DNA Ligase


Transcription ( DNA →RNA )

            Transcription, Exons and coding sequences, Eukaryotic Transcriptional Regulator

            IFN-beta enhanceosome, RNA polymerase II transcription, Origin recognition Complex, Transcription-repair coupling

RNA Pol II General Transcription Factors, TBP, TFIIA and TFIIB, NF-kappa-B

Transcriptional Regulation: Transcription Termination, the trp Operon, Post Transcriptional Process

            RNA Folding, Control of gene expression

Translation ( mRNAProtein )

            Translation, Protein Synthesis, protein synthesis2, mRNA Translation, Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases, control of gene expression,

            Gene regulation, The lac operon, Operon, The lac Operon, CAP Site, Control of Gene Expression

Post Translational Process, Protein folding, Molecular Chaperones,

Protein Trafficking, Protein translocation, Protein Modifications and Targeting

            Protein Folding, Protein folding 2,

DNA and Protein, DNA Protein Interactions, Gene interactions,

Selectable Markers

Transformation, Transgenic Plants, Transgenic Concerns, GMO Detection, Functional Foods

DNA Repair, DNA Damage & Repair

DNA Repair Enzymes

Splendid Review of DNA Repair Enzyme Structures

Uracil-DNA Glycosylase

Restriction / Modification Systems



          Exonuclease III-Cuts Only 3' end

          S1 Nuclease -(from the fungus Aspersillus oryzae) cleave single strand

          DNase I -(cut both single strands )

          Restriction Mapper

Bacteriology for the Molecular Biologist

Controls in Molecular Biology