Practical Molecular biology

Molecular biology

  1. Restriction digestion

  2. Molecular Biology Procedures

Nucleic Acid Extraction


  1. How to Extract DNA from Anything Living

  2. Plant Molecular Biology Protocols

  3. Characterization of DNA

  4. Determination of DNA Concentration

  5. DNA concentration assay with fluorescent dye

  6. Estimation of DNA Concentration

  7. RNA Quantitation and Purity Determination

  8. Quantifying RNA by Spectral Absorption

  9. Quantification of Nuclear Acid and Protein

  10. Quantitation of Nucleic Acid Concentration

  11. Chromosomal DNA Isolation

  12. DNA Extraction from Bacteria (Phenol/chloroform method)

  13. DNA Extraction from Bacteria (Phenol/chloroform extraction method)

  14. DNA Extraction From Bacteria (Triton Method)

  15. DNA Extraction from Gram-positive Bacteria

  16. E.coli Total RNA Isolation

  17. Genomic DNA Isolation

  18. Genomic DNA isolation from Bacteria

  19. Isolation Of RNA From Bacteroids and Bacteria

  20. Pulsed-field Gel Purification of E. coli Restriction Fragments

  21. Fungal Genomic DNA Extraction

  22. DNA Isolation from Fungal

  23. Fast DNA extraction from Neurospora

  24. Growing Fungi for DNA Extraction

  25. Quick RNA Miniprep from Neurospora(ATA)

  26. RNA Miniprep from Neurospora

  27. Small-scale DNA prep from Neurospora

  28. Total DNA Isolation from Filamentous Fungi

  29. Photometric quantification of nucleic acids - Tips & Tricks

  30. Quantification Made Easy

  31. Determining nucleic acid purity

  32. Spectrophotometric Quantitation of Nucleic Acids

  33. DNA, RNA & Single-Stranded Oligo Quantification by Spectrophotometry

  34. Spectrophotometric measurement of nucleic acids concentration

  35. UV Spectrophotometric Analysis of DNA and RNA

  36. Quantification of Nuclear Acid and Protein

  37. Concentration of DNA by ethanol precipitation

  38. Elution of DNA fragments from agarose

  39. RNA isolation