Plant Biotech / Plant Tissue Culture Notes

Regulation, Transcription, RNA processing, mRNA turnover, Gene silencing, Protein synthesis and turnover, Transposons

Chloroplasts, Mitochondria


Importance and Historical View of Plant Tissue Culture

Culture Media, Sterilization Techniques, Totipotency,

Types of Cultures, Single Cell Cultures, Meristem Culture, Micropropagation, Micropropagation Methods, Anther/ Pollen Culture, Application of Haploids in Plant Breeding, Ovary/ Ovule Culture

            Somaclonal Variations, Gametoclonal Variation

            Plant Tissue Culture and Genetic Transformation

Plant Growth Regulators

            Plant Growth Regulators Used in Plant Tissue Culture, Hormones,

            Auxin, Gibberllin, Cytokinins, Abscisic Acid, Ethylene Gas, Ethylene signaling

Protoplasts - Methods of Isolation, Culture and Regeneration of Protoplasts,

Protoplast Fusion and Somatic Hybridization

Transgenic Plants

            Agrobacterium, Gene transfer,

            Methods for production of transgenic plants / Gene delivery methods,

Plant vectors- Gene Manipulation with Agrobacterium Tumaefaciens,

Binary vectors, cointegration pTi and Ti plasmid

Viral gene transfer- Bromo mosaic virus (BMV), CaMV, Gemini virus, TMV

Direct Gene Transfer methods - microinjection, macroinjection

Direct DNA uptake, Lipofection, Electroporation, Particle gun method, Biolistic

by CaCl2 and PEG

            Examples of Transgenic Plants, Transgenic Plants Applications

Herbicide resistance, pest resistant, drought resistant, salt resistant

Nitrogen fixation and biofertilizer, Nitrogen fixatation gene

Secondary Metabolite Production Alternative for Secondary Etabolite Production

Production of Secondary Metabolites

Biochemical Products of Interest - PART I- Pharmaceuticals

Biochemical Products of Interest - Part II- Other Products

Germplasm Preservation: Cryobiology

Biological control of pests and disease of crop plants, biopesticides

Dimensions of Plant Tissue Culture Research

Designing a Plant Micro propagation Laboratory